Daily Wellness Capsule
Four oils for wellness are Thieves, DiGize, Copaiba, and Frankincense Vitality.  All four of these come in the Premium Starter Kit and each play a different role in the daily wellness capsule.
- THIEVES Vitality is Young Living's most popular blend and supports the immune system. Young Living also has an entire Thieves line including home cleaners, oral care, hand soap, and more. There is an Essential Rewards kit with a variety of Thieves products that you can try, while saving you 15% off the normal price.
- FRANKINCENSE Vitality supports the immune, nervous, and integumentary systems.
- DIGIZE Vitality supports gut health and helps your body to absorb nutrients. This is very important for overall health. When you have a healthy gut, your body is able to absorb nutrients, which is KEY to total physical and mental wellbeing.
- COPAIBA Vitality supports the cardiovascular, nervous, and respiratory systems.

I recommend adding a drop of each of these to one ounce NingXia Red or to a veggie capsule in the morning. You can get the empty capsules through Young Living. 


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